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Strategic Plan


Academic excellence for every student, in every classroom, in every school.


Students will flourish within an environment that includes:
Safe, well-maintained, and aesthetically pleasing schools.
Educators who are outstanding role models and collaborate to create inclusive and engaging learning environments.
Personalized instruction that is tailored to meet the educational needs of every student.
Early exposure to foreign languages, health and wellness, music and the arts.
Technology that is fully and effectively integrated with learning.


Post-Secondary Pursuits: We will work to continuously improve student achievement and to prepare all learners for successful post-secondary pursuits.
Personalization: We will create safe, inclusive, and personalized learning environments for all students.
Communication: We will develop clear and effective forms of communication to enhance teaching and learning.​
Resources: We will maximize our resources of time, talent and finances.

Core Values

Trust: We believe that confidence in each other and a belief in each person’s commitment to the educational process create the conditions necessary for children to grow and achieve.
Optimism: We believe that vibrant educational environments foster student engagement and joyful learning and help to develop a positive outlook for all.
Respect for All: We believe in the importance of accepting and celebrating all human differences, and treating each student, family and staff member with dignity and respect.
Collaboration: We believe that teamwork and partnerships are essential, and we are stronger and smarter together than we are alone.
High Expectations: We believe high academic standards keep us motivated and engaged, leading to higher levels of achievement.
Hard Work: We believe that effective effort and a strong work ethic culminate in positive performance.