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Executive Director of Human Resources Biography

Dr. Cheryl-Ann Butts, Executive Director of Human Resources


Dr. Cheryl ButtsIn October 2014 Taunton Public Schools was pleased to welcome Cheryl Butts as the Human Resources Manager.  Cheryl’s career path focused on varying aspects of human resources both in the private and public sector.  With her initial appointment, Taunton Public Schools benefitted from her depth of knowledge and in a relatively brief span of time, Cheryl was managing mandated district fingerprinting, Criminal Record checks for all new hires and volunteers, professional improvement course verifications and staffing analysis to name but a few areas of responsibility. 

Over the course of her career in Taunton, Cheryl earned a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership through Northeastern University and has recently been appointed as the Executive Director of Human Resources.  Intent upon expanding and enriching the Human Resources Department to extend its function beyond hiring and retention, Cheryl has implemented programs and professional development around the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion believing that a broader awareness and knowledge shared with Taunton Public School staff ultimately results in an improved educational experience of all students which is the core mission of the Taunton Public School system.

Monitoring and ensuring appropriate licensure and state credentials for all professional staff that currently exceeds 600 persons requires efficient monitoring systems and a dynamic relationship with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MA DESE) and related State Agencies. Cheryl’s oversight of the Human Resources Department seeks to remain abreast of changes in labor laws, Federal Medical Leave regulation, City of Taunton hiring regulations, Unemployment Law, Criminal Records checks and Fingerprinting.

In her role as Executive Director of Human Resources, Cheryl is also responsible for participation in union contract negotiation, labor dispute resolution and employee assistance.  Over the course of her tenure in Taunton, Cheryl has demonstrated her strength in leadership and multi task management.  Cheryl is a wife and mother to twin daughters.