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Email Update 2/19/2021

Welcome back from February vacation!
In response to our increase in email storage needs and our increase in staff emails, the TPS Technology Department is transitioning our exchange email server to the cloud.  Typically this kind of extensive work is done during summer break however we have been experiencing a growing number of email interruptions and therefore we are transitioning to the cloud now. Cloud transition occurs over several days with some individuals moving over sooner than others.  We are transitioning in alphabetical order and we hope the process will be complete in about two weeks.  
How do I know my account has transitioned to O365?  
1.To access your email we are asking that you all try to access via the old web link which is: https://mail.tauntonschools.org/
If you get an error message (like the picture below) please know that this indicates your account is now an Office 365 account and you will have to access email via a different web link address. 
2. How do I log into O365? (NEW UPDATE 2/23/2021)
To log into O365 please TYPE or COPY and PASTE this web address into another browser: outlook.office.com
The way you log into your account is dependent on a couple of things.  Please try both ways below.  One will work.  
Please know if you are in the ACAD/ADMIN Domain you may sign in this way:
Firstname.Lastname@tauntonschools.org with your exchange/desktop password
Please know if you are in the ACAD/ADMIN Domain you may sign in this way:
FirstinitialLastname@tauntonschools.org with your exchange/desktop password
3. Will I have access to the full O365 Suite?  
At this time our transition is for email only.  You may have access to some of the Office 365 tools now or at a later date.  Currently you are responsible for backing up any files you create at this time.