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Brenda Moynihan, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations

Brenda Moynihan succeeds our newly appointed superintendent as Assistant

Superintendent for Finance and Operations and brings knowledge of finance and management to her new role but more specifically a recognized and documented reputation for high energy, efficient, committed to excellence, and a strong work ethic. Over the span of time that Brenda has worked for the Taunton Public School system, she has taught business classes at Taunton High School, held the position of Business Curriculum Supervisor and Assistant Headmaster at Taunton High School and most recently as the Director of Technology.


As the Technology Director for the past seven years, she has been credited with streamlining technology systems, vastly improving the response time for intervention when personnel require technology assistance, expanding the availability of technology resources in classrooms, and maintaining a vigilance when it comes to the integration of that technology equipment into instructional practices thereby enhancing classroom experiences and effectiveness for learners.


Prior to overseeing the Technology systems for the district, Brenda introduced innovative teaching strategies to the business department insuring that all learners enjoyed the opportunity for success in the area of business. She is credited with integrating creative and hands on opportunities for students to engage in entrepreneurial endeavors that provided students with a glimpse of real world work. Additionally, she sought to create relationships between and among various departments of study seeking to demonstrate the fact that all areas of study are, in so many ways, interrelated.


Holding the following degrees, a Master of Education / Principal Licensure from Endicott College, a Master of Education / Instructional Technology from Lesley University and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Massachusetts speaks to Brenda’s ongoing desire to continue to improve her knowledge base and diversify her abilities as they relate to her own professional growth as well as her desire to be the best that she can be in service to our learners and staff.


In her role as a licensed School Business Manager, Brenda will infuse her various skills into the management of the district’s finances and its facilities all with an eye toward maintaining efficient instructional spaces for learners and safe facilities for students, staff and the public at large who utilize school facilities. Taunton Public Schools is pleased to welcome Ms. Brenda Moynihan to the Central Office administrative team.

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