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Bullying Prevention Program

Taunton Public Schools is pleased to partner with Former Boston Red Sox Pitcher Brian Rose and Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn’s Office for our elementary and middle school bullying prevention program. 
Rose and representatives from the DA's office visited each elementary and middle school for a presentation in January and February of 2024. These presentations focused on students in grades 3-7 and were based on the Boston vs Bullies platform. Boston vs Bullies is a program developed by the Sports Museum and the Boston sports community to combat bullying by applying sports principles like a game plan, practice and teamwork. 
TAUNTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS ANTI-BULLYING COMPACT In Partnership with the Bristol District Attorney     I.	FOR STUDENTS: I pledge to follow the Taunton Public School District Anti-Bullying Code of Conduct: Treat others with respect Act responsibly Understand differences Never use harmful words or actions Take action to help others Open up, speak out against bullying Never be a bystander II.	FOR STAFF: I commit to: •	Foster a safe and inclusive environment. •	Act promptly on bullying reports.  •	Educate students about anti-bullying practices.  III.	FOR PARENTS: I will: •	Support the school’s anti-bullying practices. •	Encourage my child to respect others. •	Communicate openly with the school regarding bullying concerns.
The presentations discussed what constitutes bullying, cyberbullying, and social media. They also covered the potential consequences of participating in bullying and offered some prevention tips for students, including what to do if you are being bullied, what to do if you observe bullying, and what to do if you are engaging in bullying activity.
In addition to the presentation, students and parents were asked to sign an anti-bullying pledge. Students also received stickers and a banner is displayed in each elementary and middle school. 

We continue to explore opportunities for continued anti-bullying programming for all age groups. 

Bullying prevention is a main component of the work of the Community Affairs Unit at the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office.